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Backup with SpeedyBackup - Fast and Easy

Concerned about losing your files? SpeedyBackup is the hassle-free way of protecting your photos, financial documents, videos and more. Each time you create or save a file it makes a copy.

You don't have to worry about corruption, PC malfunctions or disasters.

New Feature Released

SpeedyBackup - Now on your Android Device

SpeedyBackup is the fast and easy way to back up all of your previous photos and other important files on your Android phone or tablet. This easy-to-use online backup app protects your photos and files if your phone is stolen, breaks, or gets dunked in water.


Backup with SpeedyBackup

Fast and EasySpeedyBackup is an intuitive program and service that automatically backs up your files. Every time you make a change, SpeedyBackup makes a safe, secure, online copy. This means it is there when you need it!
Storage CapacityWith a full subscription, SpeedyBackup stores all of your important files. That means you have the space to keep all of your precious family photos, valued videos, music, documents, and much more.
Your files – when you need themWith an easy-to-use recovery process, it is a snap to get your backed up files when you need them. Our SyncFolder function allows you to easily synchronize files between multiple computers.
Don't waste time and spaceMaking copies of your important files onto CDs or external drives can take a lot of your valuable time. If you are busy, you might not have a chance to do it for a while. And then, when something happens, you might not have the files you desperately need. Let SpeedyBackup take care of your files.
Go back in timeWith SpeedyBackup, your latest version is automatically safely stored online. Plus, this advanced software will also store the last 10 versions of each file. That means it is easy to go back to a previous version.
Sync files between devicesUsing the handy SyncFolder feature, you can easily share files between your computers and devices. It is a snap – just pick a file and it is automatically uploaded and sent to all your other designated computers. Now you can start a file on your work computer and finish it up on your laptop or home machine.

SpeedyBackup is fully compatible with the Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems, Windows 8.1 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems, Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems, and Windows XP 32-bit Operating System.

Protect your memories

Features section:

Secure file backupSpeedyBackup ensures that your files are safe. In addition to secure servers, SpeedyBackup utilizes advanced encryption methods. This means that you will be the only one who knows the contents of your files.
Share FilesSometimes you have files that are too big to email, or too many files to send. At other times, a number of people might need to look at the same files. SpeedyBackup makes it easy with its Sharing feature. You decide which files you want to share and then send your friends or co-workers a link and password. You can add and delete files at any time or change the password. It is the easy way to share files!
Automatic backupsSpeedyBackup takes the hassle out of backing up files! The files in the folders you have selected are backed up in real time. If you make a change to a file, it is automatically backed up. You never have to worry if your backed up files are up-to-date. In addition, SpeedyBackup stores the last 10 versions of file so you can easily revert to a previous edition. With SpeedyBackup, you don’t have to think about your backed up files – until you need them.
Easy to useWhat makes SpeedyBackup an outstanding software program and service is how users of any experience level can take advantage of online backup. SpeedyBackup installs quickly and easily. Users are carefully guided through the steps of selecting which folders they want monitored for automatic backups. After that, users just sit back and let SpeedyBackup take care of things.

When it is time to recover a backed up file, SpeedyBackup helps the user select the files they need. A search feature makes it easy to differentiate between files to pick the right one.
Dedicated support teamSpeedyBackup has a professional Technical Support Team that is dedicated to helping you. They know SpeedyBackup and computers – as well as how to communicate. The Technical Support Team works hard to ensure that all of your questions are answered. They want you to get the most out of SpeedyBackup.

Protect your memories

SpeedyBackup includes a number of helpful features to make online storage even easier:

  • Pause and resume uploads
  • SpeedyBackup saves bandwidth by backing up only new or changed files
  • Very easy to recover files
  • Much more


Sign up for FREE today, try SpeedyBackup now to see how easy it is to back up all of your memories and important files.

Back up your phone’s important files with SpeedyBackup

Our smartphones and tablets have become such an important part of our lives. Think of how many precious photos, great videos, and other files you have stored on your phone. What would happen if your phone fell in the lake, was smashed, or just stopped working? What would become of your important photos, videos, and files?

SpeedyBackup features an easy-to-use Android app to back up all of the files on your smartphone and tablet. You can download the SpeedyBackup app from the Google play store now and start backing up and protecting your files.

How do I back up files on my phone?

After installing SpeedyBackup on your Android device, you can back up your files. Safe copies of your photos, videos, and more will be uploaded to our secure cloud storage and available for download whenever you need them.
You can access the Backup page by tapping the SpeedyBackup cloud on the left hand corner of the application, and selecting Backup from the Main Menu.

To back up your files:

  1. From the Backup page, tap your device's menu  button.
  2. Tap Backup Now.

All files and documents will now be backed up from your device.

How do I take and back up photos and video?

One of the best things about having a smartphone is being able to take photos and videos anytime and anywhere. You can just pull out your phone and snap or record away. The SpeedyBackup Android app makes it easy for you to take and back up these pics and videos.

To take and back up a photo:

  1. From the Backup page, tap your device's menu  button.
  2. Tap Take & Back Up Photo.
  3. Take the picture.
  4. Select Save to back up to your account. 

How do I restore backed up files to my phone?

If you ever want to recover a photo, video, or file to your phone or tablet, it is a quick, easy process.

To restore all of your files:

  1. From the Backup page, tap your device's menu  button.
  2. Tap Restore All.
  3. You can Use Default or select a location on your device to restore to. 
  4. Your files and documents will now be restored. 

You can go to the Recent tab to find and restore recently backed up files.

To restore a recent file:

  1. From the Backup page, tap the Recent tab.
  2. Locate the file, then tap and hold the file to get the restore prompt.
  3. Select Restore.

With the SpeedyBackup Android app, it is easy to back up all of the important files on your devices. This app also makes it easy to share files between computers and devices.

How do I get music from my computer onto my phone?

One great thing about having SpeedyBackup on your Android device and your computer is how easy it is to get grab one of your favorite tunes and put it onto your phone.

If you have SpeedyBackup installed on your desktop or laptop computer, go to the Home page and click on SyncFolder. Now copy and paste or drag music, photos, and more into the SyncFolder.

Later, to download a song or another file onto your phone, you can go to the SpeedyBackup Android app. Tap the SpeedyBackup cloud and select Sync. All of your synced files will be shown. Just tap on a file to download it.

How do I sync files with my other devices and computers?

With the Android app, you can synchronize your files with other computers and devices connected to your SpeedyBackup account. That means you can access the file from any of those machines or devices. To save data and space, files are only sync on demand. This can be changed through the Settings tab. You can access the Sync page by tapping the SpeedyBackup cloud on the left hand corner of the application, and selecting Sync from the Main Menu.

To Take & Sync a photo:

  1. From the Sync page, tap your device's menu  button.
  2. Tap Take & Sync Photo.
  3. Take the picture.
  4. Select Save to Sync to your account.

To Take & Sync a video:

  1. From the Sync page, tap your device's menu  button.
  2. Tap Take & Sync Video.
  3. Take the video.
  4. Select Save to Sync to your account.


To Sync your files at any time:

From the Sync page, tap the Sync button from the top right of the app.