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In just minutes you can ensure that your memories and documents are safe! SpeedyBackup is easy to setup and use. Once setup, it automatically backs up your files online. That means your files are safe, secure, and always available.

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SpeedyBackup - Now on your Android Device

SpeedyBackup is the fast and easy way to back up all of your previous photos and other important files on your Android phone or tablet. This easy-to-use online backup app protects your photos and files if your phone is stolen, breaks, or gets dunked in water.


Secure Online Backup
Your files are safely stored online using advanced encryption and file storage techniques.
Share Files
SpeedyBackup makes it easy to share large files with friends and co-workers or to sync files between your own devices.
File Versioning
Want to revert to a previous version? It’s snap. SpeedyBackup keeps the 10 latest versions of every file.
Easy to Use
You do not have to be a computer whiz. SpeedyBackup is intuitive and features clear prompts.
Automatic Backup
SpeedyBackup automatically backs up your files in real time. Make a change, save and it's backed up.
Unlimited Backup
You can back up all of the files you need: family photos, videos of special occasions, music, etc.


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Ever needed a file on a different computer? SpeedyBackup now helps you easily sync files between different computers. Have your files where you need them!

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